Friday, July 29, 2011

Webshop: My New Bag

Meet webshop 'My New Bag'. They sell fashion bags, leather bags, totes, wallets, clutches... you name it. What I love about this shop is the leather Kelly bags. They are just gorgeous and the price is super okay for a real leather bag! 
You can shop by color and size and they also have gift cards.

I have my eyes on the cream Kelly above... so maybe it's going to be the one for me.  

PS: Don't you just love their logo? Made by yours truly ;-)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OOTD: I've been smurf'd!

Never ever did I think I'd wear something blue... ever! I simply thought it just was not my color. But what a surprise, it seems to suit me just fine.
I love this dress, it's a real simple cut with an elastic band in the waist and I can wear it in every style I can come up with: business, romantic, going out, etc. With some tights I can even wear it in winter (help me remind I make an OOTD when it's freezing :-).

BTW: I tanned my legs with my favourite bronzer: Terracotta Teint doré by Guerlain. The color is just gorgeous and gives me a nice bronzed glow, no carrot look! You put it on (wear gloves), 1 coat or maybe more if you need it, it doesn't come of or smudges your clothing and it washes of in the shower. The color is perfect for me!

Dress Asos Curve
Blazer Carmakoma
Belt H&M BiB
Heels Nelly
Bag Invito
Rings Topshop (big one) H&M (wing) and market
Necklace Zeeman
Nails Catrice no. 030 Meet me at coral island

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Carmakoma AW 2011/2012

This is the new Carmakoma collection. They've gone back to black again this season. I was hoping they would use more color this season, especially because they gave a little tasting last spring/summer collection. But hey, you can't have it all because the good news is that it all will be available up to size EU54. Jeej!!

Carmakoma has made the little black dress to perfection, rock chick style. In the upcoming collection they use knitted and satin fabrics and lurex. I already love the jacket with the asymetric front and the grey satin one shoulder dress.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


For those who still have some vacation time left (like me): here's how to get to the pool or beach in style the curvy way!

Note to myself: don't forget to pack my floppy hat ;-)

All pictures by Vogue Curvy Italia

Monday, July 25, 2011

OOTD: Rusty & blond

I don't know how many maxi-dresses I own by now but let me take a wild guess... I think it's no. 8! I really love my maxi's!!
I fell in love with the color on this one. Before this dress I had nothing in this color and that's a bit strange because it's one of the best colors for my skintone. I like to match it with nude tones, I think they look great together.
Today I went for the bare arms, although I'm not that confident about my arms. Most of the time I cover them up with a blazer (my Carmakoma blazer is a match made in heaven with this dress!) or a vest. But hey, it's summer and I do like the freckels on my arms!

Oh and James, my lovely cat, was so curious about what we were doing outside in the alley, he came to take a look. He's a true model don't you think?
Dress H&M BiB
Top H&M
Shoes Nelly
Necklace TOV Essentials
Flower H&M
Ring H&M
Nailpolish Catrice no. 030 (Café au lait at Nôtre-Dame)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Slink! A plussize magazine

Meet the new online plussize magazine slink!

"SLiNK magazine is a bi-monthly, glossy, fashion and lifestyle bible aimed at women size 14+. Every two months we bring you the hottest fashion trends, amazing beauty tips and products, delicious recipes, homeware, culture, technology, travel and much much more. In fact once you have SLiNK in your life, you'll wonder how you survived without us!"

"We set up SLiNK because we really felt that 14+ women were being overlooked by the industry, there are no other plus size magazines that we feel have the same aspirational lifestyle and fashion aspects of SLiNK.
In our beautiful magazine you will find inspirational fashion shoots, top trends, fabulous food, tantalising travel ideas, books, exhibitions, theatre, film, homewares, technology, interesting articles, basically, we are a lifestyle and fashion bible! 
We try to ensure that every item of clothing featured on a trend page runs from at least a size 14-22 (although we always aim for higher) 
SLiNK is not about curvy vs skinny, it's about loving the person you are and making the most of life and style no matter your size!"

I couldn't agree more! What a super great magazine. Not only from a stylists view but the graphic designer in me wishes she designed this magazine herself. Gorgeous lay-out, font use, photography and colors.

Anyway, it's their second issue and I love that it's not all about fashion but beauty, travel, food and other stuff as well. I really like the illustrations they use: designer fashion illustrated on plussize models!

Here's a sneak peak of Slink, but go see for yourself here.

Outfit of the day: Blues and camels

This was a real quick OOTD shoot so that's why there are only 2 pics. Or actually I must say that only this 2 made to the blog ;-)
It's a hareem strapless jumpsuit but I like to wear it with a blazer or a vest. As you can imagine, my boobs are not made for a strapless bra, I never came across one that hold them up just the way it's meant to be.

Summertrends: No. 5

For trend no. 5 I picked some lace & crochet stuff for you.

Lace can be very romantic or edgy when you style it right. 
Watch out with black and red lace. It can become trashy real soon! Just remember two things: never show too much cleavage and watch the lenght of the dress or skirt. Too short is a no go. Oh and never combine the 2 (that's three I guess ;-) but that counts for almost every outfit!). Anyway, when you have lace in white or cream, then it doesn't have the same effect. This colour gives you a romantic look and it's nice to spice that up with high heels, denim or maybe a leather jacket.  

I must say I bought a laced legging this winter but never worn it. It's black and I can't seem to find the right dress or skirt to go with it. Well, as soon as I figured it out I will make 
an outfit post for you.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New stuff coming my way

I know I should be enjoying the summer and clothes that go with hot temperatures but the weather in Holland just will not cooperate :(
So... what I do is a little after summer shopping. New stuff pops up every day and so I ran into this dress on Asos curve. This dress is designed to wear the drape at the front but Asos styled it backwards like this as well. Pretty awesome don't you think? Anyway, it's coming my way!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Featured: spreading the love by Anika

Check out the interview that the lovely Anika from ByAnika posted on her blog. In the series 'Spreading the Love' she wants to let bloggers from all over the world in all sizes have their saying about fashion.

Anika is a unique and very creative blogger from Helsinki who designs her own dresses. She combines animal print with  feathers in a unique way.

I am a curvy self worth activist and fashionlover blogging about the clothes I design and live my life in. My style is Bold Eclectic Chic with sass and soul – designed By Anika.

My philosophy on clothes is much the same as on life; embrace your self and don`t let anyone tell you you are not valuable and beautiful, because I strongly believe that we all are, regardless of size.
My take on clothes is all about playfulness and self respect, as a (curvy) woman I am now loving my self and my curves, recognizing that I bloody well CAN wear colours and great shapes! I like to rework my clothes and design my own, if the clothes don`t fit me, then honey, they need changing -not me! Can I get an AMEN! LOL!

I want to live my life as the best me I can be, not regretting the choices I didn`t dare to make, whether it be reaching out to you sweet readers – or schlepping on a white dress and actually stepping out of the house in it. ;) )