Monday, May 14, 2012

I love Blondie!

Wow! How cool is this? Spotted this tee just now on Asos and had to click it home right away. I just love Blondie and I listen to her music almost every day while creating beautiful things ;-) What can I say: it just keeps my creativity flowing, she's a real inspiration to me. I think I might wear it with a fancy skirt and a blazer.
Can't wait!

Love Els x

Saturday, May 12, 2012

My life in pictures

What are you looking at?

1. A fake Arty ring, <3 it!
2. A new iPhone cover from Asos
3. Dinner with my love
4. My porn heels ;-) bought 3 pairs of shoes at a sample sale at Café Moda
5. Extreme rain the other day, the street became a swimming pool!
6. Beautifull dutch model Daniëlle van Grondelle in Jackie Magazine
7. Meet Harry, he's trying on my new glasses necklace ;-) Very sophisticated!
8. A Mimic Copenhagen bag I got from Elle magazine. It's huge!
9. Smoothies! Made by my daughter Anne
10. Enyoing a 'Bossche bol'. It's a sort of cake ball covered with chocolate and filled with whipped cream. It's a famous pastry from the dutch city Den Bosch
11. Flowers from my love
12. A gorgeous man at my feet! This is Storm, he was hit by a car 6 weeks ago and broke his spine, he had to live in a bench for 5 weeks. Poor guy, but he's is free again! Oh and the shoes are one of the 3 pairs I bought at the sample sale ;-)
13. An advertising design I made this week
14. Planning my trip to Paris with my daughter. All tips are welcome!!

That's all folks! Wish you a very nice weekend and enjoy mothers day!

Love Els x