Friday, March 28, 2014

Outfit > 28.03.2014 Monochrome maxi

If you follow my blog for a while you know I'm a sucker for maxi-dresses. I have them in every color and print. I even have a striped one but that one is old and I think it has to go and retire ;) When I was at the Zizzi bloggers event in Copenhagen some time ago, we had the chance to pick some items from the new collection. This dress immediately caught my attention: I think it's because of the graphic touch of it. You know that the monochrome trend is massive right now and Zizzi has quite a lot of black & white in the collection. But let me tell you about this dress, what is so great is that I wear a sample size (I think it's EU44/46) and it fits just perfectly :) but also the stripes are clever. If you are small busted, the stripes make you a tiny bit bigger at the boob area (no complaining there, right?) en the diagonal stripes make you look slimmer en longer. It's like rocket science! But no kidding, I love this dress and I think we will be spending quite some time together this spring and summer.

So tell me, do you have maxi-dresses and how do you wear them?

Love Els x

Dress Zizzi (gifted) | Fake leather jacket H&M+ | Shoes Asos
Ring Ydeltuyt (old) | On the lips LadyDanger by M.A.C.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Houston we have a problem: Toss or take?

You might already have read that I'm going to clean out my closet for the Shop my closet sale with 6 other bloggers on april 12. Well, if anything is difficult for me to do is get rid of my beloved clothes. I'm pulling my hair thinking I might toss something and then later on regret it. But okey, the closet is full, some tossing has to be done, so help me please!
On Facebook (click) you can find stuff I already picked to leave my closet but I need your help with the following stuff. 

Toss or take?

If you don't wear my size it's okey, there will be enough sizes from the other bloggers as well. 
Hope to see you soon!

Love Els x

Worn only once. Love this dress but somehow I never wear it...

I love the color and the lace on this dress but is doesn't do much for my figure...

Carmakoma dress, beautifully made and tears come to my eyes if this one goes... but it's too big for me... :(

Lovely jacket by MS Mode, never worn. It's a bit too big on me

Pink boyfriend blazer. Hangs in my closet and never wear it... love it though...

Here's the blazer in action. I think I will keep this one... right?
Look at me al cute and stuff. Take or toss?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Outfit > 25.03.2014 The cape

Last sunday my love and I took a little walk in between the hailstorms. A little change of scenery and a bit different than the normal 'in front of my mirror' pictures. I like it, and I hope to do this more often. So let's see how it goes. Normally I take my own pictures but now my love took them and I must say, not bad, not bad at all! And it's more fun as well :)
Anyway, let's talk fashion. The cape is from Yest (the little sister of X-Two, sizes up to EU 48) and I bought it last saturday from the sale rack at No Lles in Hilversum. I enjoyed an afternoon with lovely curvy ladies (thanks Desiree for organizing), we had a lovely lunch, talks and laughs and we did some shopping. I immediately fell in love with this cape and although is doesn't close (it does but then I can't breath anymore) I decided that it wasn't my problem and brought it home with me. I love the shape of this cape jacket and I don't think I wear it closed anyway.
The skirt is from Asos Curve and I've worn it many times already, mostly with a black peplum shirt, and this sunday I combined it with this lace long sleeve from Zizzi which turns out to be a real multi-tasker.

Oh and did you notice I made a few changes in the blog? Call it spring cleaning if you like ;)
See you next time!

Love Els x

Cape jacket Yest | Skirt Asos Curve | Lace longsleeve Zizzi
Shoes + necklace Asos Curve | Ring Topshop

Friday, March 21, 2014

Outfit > 21.03.2014 Soft springcolors

Yes! It's officially spring! Well, today the weather will not be that great here in Holland but when I shot this outfit yesterday it was 21˚C. I love springtime with the blossom trees and the flowers popping up everywhere (and my freckles popping up as well). Springtime just makes me happy and it makes me want to be outdoors as much as I can. And I love spring colors. Soft nudes or pastels if you wish, yes, I want more of those in my closet! I came across this maxi-skirt the other day (click here for the inspiration) and although the size only went up to a EU48 (UK20) I just tried it and it fits just fine. I think I will be wearing this a lot...

Enjoy your weekend! Love Els x

Skirt Promiss | Blazer Carmakoma (old) | Top New Look (old)
Wedges Sacha | Little rings Melano | Bag Pieces (old)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Outfit > 18.03.2014 Got me a real 'Edith Dohmen'

It took me 2 years to finally get this pink playsuit on the blog. I guess some things just need time and it just wasn't the right time until now. Sometimes I have 2 voices in my head. One was saying 'You love this playsuit and you need this right now, you look fab in it'! And the other was telling me not to even try wearing them with those chubby legs :( Well, finally I stopped listening to last one and just went for it. It's all in the process of excepting my legs and not being insecure about it, I told you about that before, remember? The only thing with this playsuit is that it sticks to my body... at least today it did... it was al static... maybe I have to line it, not sure what to do. Who has the golden tip for me?
The other reason why I wanted to wear it now is the blazer (I blame the blazer). I think it's a match made in heaven, the colors work great together. I'm so thrilled that I fitted in this Edith Dohmen piece! I'm in desperate need of some good tailored ones and Edith told me that this model is just a bit bigger than the other ones and that I just had to try it. The sizing goes up to EU48 and I'm a size EU50/52. Most of the time I get stuck in the sleeves or the tailoring is just way off. This one is perfection. Happy dance :) Click on the link below in the credits, it's on sale now and only 50 euro's.

Have a nice week y'all!

Love Els x

Blazer Edith Dohmen | Playsuit Asos Curve (old)
Shoes Café Moda | Ring Six | Camee broche vintage